About Us

We bring people together.

The dinner table has always been the most celebrated place to talk, laugh, reconnect, and strengthen relationships. For over 10 years, Supper Sleuths Mystery Dinner Party Games have been bringing friends and family together for delicious food, silly costumes, and hilarious mystery fun to make memories that last a lifetime!

We get people thinking.

Each one of our dinner games uses hilarious intertwining stories, mystery, riddles, puzzles, and brain-teasers that get you thinking while having fun! The focus of our stories is definitely NOT on murder, but rather on the many complex and amusing ways people can relate to each other. Each character has a moral dilemma and a funny way of working it out.

We love mystery!

We at Supper Sleuths love to play mystery dinner games! It’s so much fun to plan the party, decorate, cook up some really good food, dress in character, and then laugh our heads off as we watch the story unfold throughout the night. We love to see the happy satisfied looks on the faces of each player as the whole group laughs out loud at their lines. We love to take pics of each couple and then at least one good shot of the whole group. Everybody always leaves saying they had one of the best times ever and that they will never forget the night! Our mysteries are ridiculous, crazy stories, created to be fun and entertaining, without any of the serious stuff of a real murder mystery case. We all feel sadness and anger and injustice when we hear that an innocent person has been murdered. We cheer for the detectives who can crack the case and identify the killer. We long for justice and for the guilty to get the punishment they deserve. All of our games are written such that by the time the game starts, the crime has already taken place. In our games the victim is always innocent, every other character is found to be guilty of something, and justice is always served. We do this to make a statement about what inspires us to write our mysteries. What is it? The Greatest Mystery of All Time!…

The Supper Sleuths

Christa Hardin, MA is a Clinical Psychologist, Certified Relationship Coach, published author, literature teacher, and homeschooler for junior sleuths. She is to blame for our crazy and fun story lines. She can read people like a book and create characters that collide and come together in complex and hilarious ways! Learn more at ReflectionsCC.com.

Wesley Hardin, MS, PA-C is a Board-Certified Physician Assistant who specializes in Family Practice. He is self-diagnosed with OCD and pays scientific attention to detail, keeping our games medically factual and free of misspellings, grammatical errors, or other word crimes.

Aaron Kittredge, MSW is a web/graphic designer (TheStudio.red), musician, and social worker among other things. He is the man behind the scenes creating the beautiful artwork & web design for the Supper Sleuths. He also created & runs PBISWorld.com, a free website for schools & organizations on the management of student behavior.

Brianna Kittredge, BS, PA is an ASCP certified Anatomic Pathologists’ Assistant (APA). She is an expert on the fascinating study of disease & the deceased, helping to make our games a “cut” above the rest. You can read more about her interesting experiences at KnowGutsNoGlory.com.

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