At the Stroke of Murder is a hilarious mystery dinner party game to be played by 8-20 friends throughout a 4-course gourmet meal. Guests will dine on the finest French cuisine and act out the antics of two hillbilly American tourists, a crazy psychiatrist, a failing British rock star, a beautiful ballerina, a famous French chef, and many others who have come to Paris to bring in the New Year with European flare when a famous scientist is murdered at the stroke of midnight!
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The Main Characters

*Each character is provided with costume suggestions, hilarious script, clue, and more!

Jacques Charles: Head chef at Le Prix, Jacques is dead serious about his cooking craft. The schemes of this boisterous Frenchman will prove to keep the night as spicy as any customer could request. (Character Page)

Brandy Slake: This youthful waitress from England is always quick with a joke in Cockney slang. She is desperate for money, and a good time. But just what is she willing to do to get what she needs? (Character Page)

Logan Hardley: This American hillbilly is in Europe for the first time and he sticks out like a sore thumb! He recently struck it rich on a funny video gone viral, and decided to take his fourth bride on a honeymoon to remember. Not to worry, what happens tonight will be impossible to forget!  (Character Page)

Julie Hardley: This newly-hitched Southern Belle is tickled pink to be in big, fancy Paris, and even happier to spend all of her new hubby’s money. What is she willing to do to make sure this honeymoon isn’t cut short?  (Character Page)

Celeste Pardon: This quirky front desk clerk is just as brilliant as she is beautiful. She’s worked all over the world and can answer your questions in five different languages. But can she tell you where she was at the stroke of midnight?  (Character Page)

Jake Spaulding: This British rock star is a special guest for tonight’s celebration. He’s a tad cocky, and more than a tad gorgeous, especially since he just broke up with the queen of pop herself. But nobody expects what happens off stage when the curtains close!  (Character Page)

Madeline LaBelle: A true prima donna, Madeline is a hard working passionate, and driven ballerina; she is equally as passionate about her popularity. Would she risk a tour de force to make sure things stay in her favor? (Character Page)

Jean Paul Brughni: A curious Freudian psychiatrist, Mr. Brughni will be analyzing everyone and their mother to death. But when the tables have turned, will his he pass his own biased psychological tests? (Character Page) ‎

Gustav Massé: This dignified owner of Le Prix Chateau is in shock over the tumultuous way his grand opening has gone. Gustav is normally a wonderful host, but when things go sour, you’ll be wishing you’d booked a room anywhere but here! (Character Page)

Genevieve Massé: Temperamental wife to Gustav, Genevieve is a sensitive, beautiful damsel in distress. But don’t trouble her, as Vivey’s tears can trigger a major temper tantrum. Laugh along at the crazy up and downs only Mrs. Massé can bring to your next dinner party! (Character Page)

10 Extra Characters

*Each character comes with invitation, costume suggestions, character summary, and more!

Emilié Laurent: Fashionable and worldly interior designer of Le Prix Chateau, Ms. Laurent wants red-carpet treatment. When her majesty is met with this undistinguished crowd, Ms. Laurent’s décor may be the only thing to remain intact!

Antoine Martin: Trés cheap Mr. Martin is thrilled over his luck at winning an overnight stay at Le Prix Chateau. But when murder strikes in town, his fantasies of a good night’s rest are farther away than his own bed!

Elodié Fournier: This bakery owner is enjoying being under the same roof as the great Chef Jacques Charles. But when Ms. Fournier can’t keep her food critiques and suggestions to herself, how far can Mr. Charles’ already waning patience last?

Leo Wiles: Leo is a walking medicine cabinet full of anxiety, phobias, and a bad case of loneliness. But since laughter is the best medicine, watch Leo come alive as he makes new friends, reunites with old, and helps solve a mystery more complex than even his own four-axis diagnosis!

Mercy Beaucoup: A French maid with a zest for cleanliness, Mercy’s a pretty and polite French lady but don’t cross her with crumbs! This lovely lady also loves giving a lesson in French etiquette and manners that you won’t want to miss, non? Non!

Clement Perdanté: This soccer (French football) player is out of his league, but cannot admit that his winning season is permanently over. This narcissist is fishing for compliments and may stop at nothing to get back into the headlines.

Charlotte Rook: Distant cousin to American character Julie Hardley, Miss Rook wants to share everything with her cousin, including Julie’s new inheritance! Groan at Charlotte’s playful but pretentious antics and laugh along at the tackiest family reunion in town!

Bailey Trowlbridge: Mr. Trowlbridge is on a deadline for work that mustn’t be interrupted. This grouchy but ultimately loveable crank is a tough case to crack, but when the night wears on and he loses precious shut-eye, some may wish they’d let sleeping bears lie!

Anastasia Bugatti: Ms. Bugatti likes everything fast, and this night couldn’t be any more thrilling for a girl who can’t sit still. But this pretty “girl next door” may not be who she pretends to be just as all that glitters is not gold!

Julien Voleur: Julien may profess to be a poor entrepreneur but this man’s worth his weight in gold – other people’s that is! Julien’s on a quest to break a bad habit but can a leopard really change his spots? Laugh along but don’t let go of your valuables when Julien’s on the loose!

Please Note: All characters, places, events, and situations appearing in Supper Sleuths games are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, places, events or situations is not intended and is purely coincidental.

The Delicious Recipes

Baked Brie with Spinach Dip
Fancy French Onion Soup
Salade de Carottes Rapes
Ratatouille to Die For
Chicken Cordon Bleu
French Silk Pie
Tarte Au Sucre
Fine French Lace Cookies

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