Genevieve Massè, Welcome to Your Player Page!

Genevieve, the Supper Sleuths thank you for gracing us with your elegant presence! First of all, the upcoming festivities at your very own chateau Le Prix will be published in every chic magazine or newspaper around the globe. So, make sure look tres belle, because your picture and hotel review will be all over the world – good news, non? Of course looking magnifique won’t be hard at all for a French lady like you! Also, and this is important.

By the way, below is your invitation, in case you need a reminder! Elegant women like yourself get so busy planning for an event, and you absolutely must enjoy the process of preparation for a truly rich experience!

You will play the role of Genevieve Massè,

Full Name: Genevieve Massè

Favorite Animal: “The zebra, for she always wears her stripes so elegantly and without looking heavy!”

Favorite Vacation Destination: “The chateuas of the Mediterrean are exquisite, non?”

Favorite Color: “Chartreuse!”

Favorite Food: “Chef Jacque Charles’ refrigerated line!”

Favorite Song: “Le musique of Yelle est wonderful!”

As one of the two owners of chateau Le Prix, you are French, high class, and more than a bit ruffled that a murder has taken place on the night of the grand re-opening. Try to be polite but tense with the guests, letting them know that while you are always the perfect hostess, you won’t stand to have common criminals lingering around your home, especially since you hold the privileged position of a non-suspect. You want to look polished and pristine, because throughout the night your character will come unglued, and will need to spoil her looks a bit. More on that later.

Costume Suggestions

Wear something elegant and simple; for a formal look, try the famous “little black dress” and some pearls with a french ‘do such as a bun with bangs or a chignon twist. A more comfortable look would be a black turtleneck, sunglasses on your head, black leggings and a skirt, heels or high boots. Bring some rouge or powder and keep applying it throughout the night, especially after a crying or anger outburst (you are prone to both by the way). You want to look like you have money and style, but that you still try to maintain your reserved look with fresh makeup.

One More Thing!

The Supper Sleuths want to give you a special clue to help figure out whodunnit as a token of appreciation for your special visit to our site! Here it is: In this game, there is a reference to a 1939 bottle of wine. The year of the wine offers a clue into the most deadly mystery of the night!

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