Gustav Massè, Welcome to Your Player Page!

Gustav, the Supper Sleuths thank you for gracing us with your genteel yet manly presence. First of all, the upcoming festivities at your very own chateau Le Prix will be published in every major magazine or newspaper around the globe. So, make sure your place looks oh so chic, because your hotel review is going to be all over the world – which will create more finances for your French bank account, non? Of course creating an impressive setting for the night won’t be hard at all for a high-caliber man like you! Also, and this is important.

By the way, below is your invitation, in case you need a reminder! Business-owners like yourself get so caught up in the event planning itself, that you absolutely must stop work for a moment to prepare for the evening!

You will play the role of Gustav Massè

Full Name: Gustav Flaubert Massè

Favorite Animal: “My wife is my only pet, and she is a lot to handle. Oh, pardon moi, may I take that back?”

Favorite Vacation Destination: “To sit center court at a football game against Brazil. I already did this wonderful vacation and France was victorious!”

Favorite Color: “The colors of the flag of France, of course! Blue, white, and red!”

Favorite Food: “Filet, of course.”

Favorite Song: “La Vie En Rose.”

You and your wife, Genevieve own Le Prix, and you are trying to make the best of a very bad night (Let’s face it, how much worse can it get than to have a murder occur at your grand opening?) Though you are not a murder suspect, you have a lot on your plate tonight both literally and figuratively, namely trying to curb your wife’s anger outbursts by saying, “She never says that!” and also by taking as many extra helpings of food as the Chef will allow. After all, it is your chateau. To make the night fun, talk with others about your favorite sport, “football” (American soccer) or about artwork that you bought for your new hotel. A French accent would be magnifique but we know that’s asking a lot!

Costume Suggestions

Wear a dark colored dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, a fancy tie, vest and dress slacks. Turtleneck with sport coat and cigar is another possibility. Think mature European business owner who likes to show off his class and his cash.

One More Thing!

The Supper Sleuths want to give you a special clue to help figure out whodunnit as a token of appreciation for your special visit to our site! In this game, there is a reference to a 1939 bottle of wine. The year of the wine offers a clue into the most deadly mystery of the night!

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