Madeline LaBelle, Welcome to Your Player Page!

Ms. LaBelle, the Supper Sleuths thank you for gracing us with your delicate and talented presence. First of all, the upcoming festivities at chateau Le Prix will be published in every important magazine or newspaper around the globe. Make sure look your most elegant, because you never know when you’ll be asked to grace the cover of a magazine – ooh la la! Of course looking beautiful that the night won’t be hard at all for you! Also, and this is important.

By the way, below is your invitation, in case you need a reminder! Famous dancers like yourself get so many invites, and you absolutely must let your agent know you are booked up that day!

You will play the role of Madeline LaBelle

Full Name: Madeline Roulèt LaBelle.

Favorite Animal: “My sweet cheval (pony), Dancer.”

Favorite Vacation Destination: “To dance at The Bolshoi in Russia and then go to a ball with royalty!”

Favorite Color: “Pink, like any ballerina worth her salt substitute!”

Favorite Food: “Crinkle-cut carrots for a treat between meals!”

Favorite Song: “Tchaikovsy compositions, especially Swan Lake.”

A ballerina just off of Christmas tour, you should feign being exhausted but enchanted by the exhilarating performances you have just done for months. You are here because you and Racquel, the now deceased, planned to meet here at this fine, posh chateau for a New Year’s Eve celebration, and travel on to your class reunion together this week. Act very proud of your dance accomplishments and encourage the group to admire your talents, which you speak of regularly. Tell other that your most recent performance was of course, The Nutcracker, where you danced the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy. An injury prevented you from dancing for a few years, but you always overcome obstacles.

Costume Suggestions

Casual/Semi-Formal – A leotard with a bun, skirt, tights, leg warmers, and pearls would be quite the lovely look for you. Ballet flats, either the real deal or the more trendy and every day wearing ballet styled shoes would be a fun addition to your costume. Paint your fingernails a light pink or spring for a French manicure, and style your hair in a loose chignon or bun. Small gems in your ears would be a soft, but rich addition to your outfit. Most Important: You also lost your contact lenses, so bring a huge clunky pair of glasses to wear during the night (you can take them on and off to maintain a look of elegance but make sure you wear them a good deal).

One More Thing!

The Supper Sleuths want to give you a special clue to help figure out whodunnit as a token of appreciation for your special visit to our site! Here it is: In this game, there is a reference to a 1939 bottle of wine. The year of the wine offers a clue into the most deadly mystery of the night!

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