Crimescene: County Fair is a mystery dinner party game where you and 8-20 of your friends feast on classic county fair foods as you compete to find out who shot the auctioneer in the portable potty during the fireworks show at the Hickleberry County Fair! Players will act out the hilarious roles of a mysterious Italian gypsy, an obsessed Elvis impersonator, a ditzy ex-beauty queen, a rowdy rodeo cowboy, a big burly trucker, a flip-flopping mayor, a nosy old town gossip, a greasy-grinned carnival worker, and so many more!  (Download a Free Sample!)

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Crimescene: County Fair Characters

The Main Characters

*Each character is provided with costume suggestions, hilarious script, clue, and more!

Chester Finkowski: An Elvis impersonator who absolutely obsesses over his belief that “the king” is still alive, well and returning soon. Mr. Presley here may be in disguise for a reason deeper than rock and roll! (Costume Suggestions and more!)

Travis Buckland: This handsome stud rides like he’s got nothing to lose. He seems like a good ol’ boy, just lookin’ for thrills, but can a guy this reckless be trusted? Is he just talking bull?
(Costume Suggestions and more!)

Madame Mona Soothini: A gypsy who makes her fortune selling yours, Mme Soothini is sure to attend the fair every year, but she can’t be found as the fairgrounds close. Why she rushes off and where she goes is not clear, even when viewed through her crystal.
(Costume Suggestions and more!)

Tiffany Ann Canterway: This sophisticated, attractive and arrogant horsewoman is a 4H snob and owner of Canterway Stables, the largest equestrian site in the whole county. She has participated in fundraising for the fair for years, but when she doesn’t get her way, how long will her short fuse…and funding last? (Costume Suggestions and more!)

J.L. Mackabee: This trucker loves a good county fair and has been to this one for the past 14 years. J.L. may look like any wide-eyed country kin of yours, but when he’s on the road and on the radio, he’s mixin’ with all kinds. Some say he used to be in jail. (Costume Suggestions and more!)

Ida Witherspoon: As a farmer’s wife and notorious town gossip, Ida is the reigning quilting and cherry-berry pie champ in the county. Mrs. Witherspoon seems to have no real competition for the blue ribbon this year, so why has she been such an “old bitty” lately?
(Costume Suggestions and more!)

William B. Lackhart: Local mayor, Lackhart, feels the pressure to please all and to have a good fair each year. But whether he also plays fair to get votes is still out at the polls.
(Costume Suggestions and more!)

Cindy Sue Sweetly: Last year’s “Berry-Beauty” queen, this year Cindy reluctantly passed her crown onto another young girl. She wears that flashy smile wherever she goes but some say that she never smiles when she doesn’t know who’s there. (Costume Suggestions and more!)

Gus Lavoni: Janitor at the fairgrounds, Gus is in the know about everything since he’s always lurking around unexpectedly. But after wiping one too many spills, will Gus’ explosive temper get the best of him and anyone who gets in his path? (Costume Suggestions and more!)

Pat (Patty) Barnhart: Stable hand and tomboy on the outside, Pat is a girl with a handle on the roughest parts of farm life. But underneath that tough exterior, this gruff girl’s got a secret she’s bursting to share. (Costume Suggestions and more!)

10 Extra Characters

*Each character comes with invitation, costume suggestions, character summary, and more!

Cameron Alexander: Newscaster on the verge of the story of a lifetime, Cameron is a man of action who wants the full scoop. But how far will he be allowed to dig before he steps into deadly terrain?

Buck Gentryson: This rough and tumble cowboy has fiery eyes that can burn right into a person. Question is, whether he’ll settle down from his ramblin’ long enough to put down his spurs and boots and help lasso in a different kind of animal.

April Clandestine: A sugary southern belle, Miss Clandestine is all frills and twirls. Was it truly an accident that she wound up at this raucous county fair, or was she looking for some spice in her life?

Jerkins P. Oodles: This loud and large man of the South is brassy, hearty, and has quirks that will, literally, knock your socks off. “Oodles” manufactures the awards for the fair. How far will he go to make sure he and his best customers stay in the blue ribbon business?

Carolina Witherspoon: Younger sister to Ida Witherspoon, blue ribbon winner, Carolina’s attitude is as spicy as her sister’s best chili recipe. She’s looking for a man, a deal, and a good time in the ol’ town tonight!

Marvin the Entertainer: Marvin’s all over the fair doing dangerous stunts and clowning around. But behind the scenes, what daring measure would Marvin take to protect his colleagues and to make sure he can keep rolling in the dough?

Jasper Jenkins: Mr. Jenkins looks like he’s seen a ghost, but it might just be the fact that he never sleeps. Slipping in and out of the fair, and staying awake all hours can have its advantages, especially when this cold and clammy guy has hot evidence to unearth!

Victoria Godiva: A classy northern confectioner, Mrs. Godiva isn’t getting the taste test results she expected from the judges at the fair. This diva of candy is more bound and determined than ever to wrap up this crazy case!

Sunny Birch: Natural to the core, Sunny the helpful health guru is as wholesome as a granola bar. This fun-loving character is tryin’ to change this crazy crowd, but are her motivations truly as pure as her fruity diets?

Harmony Rimes: A musical woman of soul, Ms. Rimes can thrill with her soothing, groovy ‘tude and tunes. But be careful her melodies don’t woo the crowd too far away from the truth!

The Delicious Recipes

Beer-Battered Fried Vegetables
Butter-Q Corn on a Stick
Slow-Cooked Honey Ribs
Carnival Corn Dogs
Crispy Potato Wedges
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing/Dip
Blue Ribbon “Cherry-Berry” Pie
Fun Fair Funnel Cakes
Pink Honey Lemonade
Everything But the Kitchen Sink Cookies
Recipe Details and Download

Please Note: All characters, places, events, and situations appearing in Supper Sleuths games are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, places, events or situations is not intended and is purely coincidental.

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