Tip Wright, Welcome to Your Player Page!

Tip, the Supper Sleuths are so glad you are taking the time out from your busy sports writing schedule to attend an event that is most definitely not your typical game!  Don’t worry, the exquisite gala at The Rall Museum is guaranteed to be a night to remember and record, too for that matter!  Make sure you look stay on the edge of your seat, as your analyses of the night will most assuredly be splashed among the society section of the Cosmopolitan Cryer the following day!  Of course, writing an interesting piece about this night up won’t be hard at all for a talented writer like yourself! By the way, below is your invitation, in case you need a reminder.  Big-time sports writers like yourself get many invites, but be sure to come, since this time, somebody else may be keeping score.

You will play the role of Tip Wright

Full Name: “Timothy ‘Tip’ Anderson Wright”

Favorite Animal: “Mutts, man’s best friend.”

Favorite Vacation Destination: “Anywhere the big game is going on!”

Favorite Color: “Blue and Gray, along with white.  You got it, Yankees!”

Favorite Food:  “Easy, a ballpark frank and a brew.”

Favorite Song: “The Star Spangled Banner always brings a tear to my eye.  Oh, and “Glory Days” by Springsteen.”

You are a sportswriter for the Cosmopolitan Crier, the city’s biggest paper, and tonight you somehow ended up covering the art show. Vince Gem, the paper’s premier art critic had to make a last-minute flight and you were the only senior reporter who was both available and well-known enough cover this extravaganza.  When you arrive, let the group know that you are fuming because you had to miss a great game.  You should let them know that you want to keep the radio on for part of the night so you can catch up with the latest stories or games.  Don’t even try to pretend you are interested in art.  When the topic comes up, make sure to yawn and change back to something you’re interested in.  You’ve never minded being up front about your feelings.  Enjoy rattling this stuffy group tonight with your blunt mannerisms (burping, farting, interrupting, reaching across the table, etc.) and dig in!

Costume Suggestions

You should wear athletic type clothing, such as a sports sweatshirt, t-shirt or jersey, and a pair of jeans or khakis.  Wear a baseball cap and a pencil behind your ear, and carry a small recording device if possible, so you can get interesting comments for your news report tomorrow.   Scribble feverishly on a small notepad when you hear something interesting.

For a More Formal Look – Wear a dress shirt with a sports-themed tie and a sports coat, along with your trusty baseball cap.

One More Thing!

The Supper Sleuths want to give you a special clue to help figure out whodunnit? as a token of appreciation for your special visit to our site! Here it is: In this game, someone may be found to be bribing a newspaper big-shot. Don’t let this minor offense throw you off the track. Let the other evidence of the case guide you instead. Also, if you want an extra edge on figuring out whodunnit? visit our Sleuth School page for three quick tips guaranteed to make you a master of mystery in your night of murder mystery dinner fun!

Be sure to visit www.suppersleuths.com to learn about other Supper Sleuths Mystery Dinner Games, to read about other characters who will attend your game, and for more helpful resources like costume and recipe tips to help you prepare for the occasion!  Also, if you want an extra edge on figuring out whodunnit? click here to visit our Sleuth School page for three quick tips guaranteed to make you a master of mystery in your night of murder mystery dinner fun!

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