Ben Thrashing, Welcome to Your Player Page!

Ben, what’s up, dude!  We are like, so glad you were able to navigate all the way here. School really did help! Anyway, it’s probably totally boring for you to have to sit indoors and read but this info could get you out of some big trouble. Just bear down and enjoy the scary but sweet ride. Don’t forget to show up, man! Skaters with plenty of competitions on their roster can’t be expected to keep a personal calendar going, and anyway your mom will remind you of most things.  But, since this party is going to rock, it’s guaranteed to be worth the extra effort!

You will play the role of Ben Thrashing

Full Name: Benjamin Stuart Thrashing

Favorite Animal: “Dude, that skateboarding dog on YouTube!”

Favorite Vacation Destination: “L.A. Baby!”

Favorite Color: “Blackouts!  I mean black.”

Favorite Food:  “Can I say a drink?  Energy drink for surely.”

Favorite Song: “Anything by Guns ‘N Roses.”

You are a 21-year-old skate shop clerk.  You have a low IQ and a very adventurous spirit.  You say “sweet” after comments you like, and “not sweet” after comments you dislike.  Some would say you are quite courageous, though most would call it foolishness, for the lengths you will go to participate in so-called extreme sports.  You idolize Bailey the supermodel, as in totally star-struck.  Stick up for her, even when you know nothing about the accusation.  You are a compulsive liar, even about minor, unimportant things.  Contradict your own story on several occasions.

Costume Suggestions

Wear a baseball cap backwards, and a t-shirt or tank top with a rock band of some sort on it. You should also wear long, baggy shorts or wide-legged pants.   Necklaces and bracelets that would not typically be considered “fine jewelry” should also be worn (made of string, beads, wood, not metal).  Wear headphones around your neck also.  Fake tattoos with skater logos will be an over-the-top winning addition if you’re a little extreme yourself!

One More Thing!

So, you’ve been invited to this really awesome mountaintop party and contest, right?  Don’t totally freak out if a crime is committed just before the party begins (this is murder mystery dinner game, after all!) And like, if you’re starting to freak out a bit, here’s a special clue to help you get on the right track should you, like become a suspect or anything.

Clue:  Don’t point fingers at a strange but well-meaning photographer.  She may be eccentric and weird, but once you get to know her she’s not so bad!

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