Hans Überhaus, Welcome to Your Player Page!

Hans, the Supper Sleuths, master of mystery, welcome you to our country.  You may or may not have arrived to our offshore South Pacific destination yet, but either way, you are surely on the adventure of a lifetime.  We hope that by the time of the murder mystery dinner party, you’ll be ready to unwind, help figure out whodunnit?, and collect your prize!  Macho men like yourself don’t have time for little tea parties, but you will do anything in the world “to make proud my great country, Krensikaw!”

You will play the role of Hans Überhaus

Full Name: Johannes Tiberius Uberhaus

Favorite Animal: “Ibis.  Strong Bird.”

Favorite Vacation Destination: “The United States of American”

Favorite Color: “Red, for victory over others’ bloodshed!”

Favorite Food:  “Tripe soup, or stomach of cow.”

Favorite Song: “Krensikaw National Anthem”

As a hometown hero in a strange land, you are hoping to advance your status to legendary in your home country, Krensikaw.  When you speak, you speak with confidence and authority (some would say arrogance.)  You scoff at the thought that others’ ideas have validity, especially women, except when they agree with your own.  Make mildly chauvinistic comments if you think you can duck in a timely manner! You are resourceful when in a bind, and carry a length of rope in your pocket at all times.  You believe in the “survival of the fittest” and you are often heard quoting it too.  You do not show much emotional expression except for anger, but believe a stern, stoic front is the best way to remain focused on the goal.  Your accent should be similar to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check out this hilarious soundboard for ideas: http://www.soundboardarchive.com/game/111/Arnold-Schwarzenegger-3.html

Costume Suggestions

You should wear Khaki or colored shorts, a starched short-sleeved dress shirt, and a pair of suspenders.  Wear high socks, a pair of sneakers, and don’t forget the length of rope for your pocket, along with a foreign coin or medal so you can display as your country’s symbol of strength when during the breaks of the game.

One More Thing!

We know you don’t have time for impractical things like reading very often, what with all of your manly pumping of iron, but you really must pause to learn something important. If a crime should take place just before the party starts (this is a murder mystery dinner game, after all), don’t panic.  Take a deep breath, and remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. Did we mention you may be a suspect? By the way, here’s an extra clue to help you try to figure out whodunnit?

Clue:  Don’t point fingers at a strange but well-meaning photographer.  She may be weird, but once you get to know her, she’s not that bad. Also, if you want an extra edge on figuring out whodunnit? visit our Sleuth School page for three quick tips guaranteed to make you a master of mystery in your night of murder mystery dinner fun!

Be sure to visit www.suppersleuths.com to learn about other Supper Sleuths Mystery Dinner Games, to read about other characters who will attend your game, and for more helpful resources like costume and recipe tips to help you prepare for the occasion!  Also, if you want an extra edge on figuring out whodunnit? click here to visit our Sleuth School page for three quick tips guaranteed to make you a master of mystery in your night of murder mystery dinner fun!

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