Mystery at the Movies is a hilarious mystery dinner party game in which you and 8 to 20 friends act like movie stars who walk the red carpet to an exclusive Hollywood movie premier! Decorate your venue like the prestigious Camden Theater in Hollywood and get ready for fine dining, a fabulous view from the top, and V.I.P. treatment with the rich and famous! But beware, no Hollywood party is complete without a star-studded scandal. The lead actor has been taken captive, so don’t forget your sunglasses, camera, and more importantly the number to your lawyer or this party may cost far more than the ticket price!
Everything you need to host your own mystery dinner party!
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The Main Characters

Maggie Meriwether is a famous movie star who played the leading lady in tonight’s premier movie. She is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, and she knows it. She’s sweet, bubbly, and always glamorous. But beauty is only skin deep, and what lies beneath the makeup may surprise you! Character Page

Eve Appleton has been in Hollywood since the beginning. Once a wild young starlet, she has since settled down into a very conservative life as a mother of nine and star of her own hit reality TV show. But tonight mommy’s gonna let her long hair down and have some much-needed fun! Character Page

Rebecca Welling has fame, fortune, and a collection of movie credits to die for. She is also the jealous wife of the lead actor, Ransom Packer.  She is bound and determined to be known as America’s favorite couple, no matter what Maggie Meriwether says. But how far will she go to keep it that way? Character Page

Esther Crowne is the beautiful Queen of Terrestria, the country where the movie was filmed. This young, foreign diva has always been obsessed with Hollywood, especially the handsome Ransom Packer. But when she is implicated in this treacherous crime, which side will she choose? Character Page

Mose Stafford is the most sought after legal counsel for the rich and famous. He knows the Law like no one else, and his brilliant cross examinations have won many a case…and settlement. Yet Mose has a secret from his past that could cost him not only this case, but everything else too. Character Page

Pete Rockefeller rose to the top fast with his good looks, sense of humor, and on-screen passion. Unfortunately, it’s his temper off screen that could win him an Academy Award. Pete is Ransom’s right-hand man, but when the camera stops rolling, will he be there when his friend needs him most? Character Page

Paul Scales is the world-famous movie producer and screenwriter behind the Packman films. And though he’s upset that the lead actor has disappeared, he’s not going to let anything stand in the way of a good review of his greatest production…nothing except for crime scene evidence! Character Page

Dave Shepherd played the handsome but heartless villain opposite Ransom in tonight’s premier. From humble shepherd to brave warrior, and Rockstar musician to noble king, Dave has played many roles in his prolific Hollywood career, but will convicted criminal be his next? Character Page

Sam Strong is a pro-wrestling champion who took his muscles to the movies for a cameo in tonight’s film! When Sam learns that his tag-team partner has come up missing in another country, his wrestling persona kicks in full throttle and he gets ready for his next match! Character Page

Sara Abrams played the role of Ransom’s worried mother in tonight’s movie, but now that he’s been kidnapped, she’s more worried than ever. Incredibly, this old woman is also pregnant with a baby of her own, so there’s sure to be lots of baby momma drama at the table! Character Page

10 Extra Characters

Dr. Lucas Axe plays a skilled physician on TV, earning respect for delivering both babies on-screen and Academy award-winning performances. The problem is, “Dr. Lucas” doesn’t know when to cut to the credits and realize he lacks a real M.D.!
Character Page

Lydia Styles is the most popular fashion designer in Hollywood, and wants everyone to know it. She carefully designed the exquisite wardrobes for most of the cast, and thus decided to grace tonight’s event with her fabulous presence to make sure she gets the credit she deserves! Character Page

Johnny Duncan is the tree-hugging star of the hit reality TV show, “The Raw World.” He’s totally stoked to meet celebrities and eat something besides hickory bark and granola for a change! Will he stand by his grassroots principles or sell out for the plastic beauty of Hollywood? Character Page

Delia Shears is well-known for her Soap Opera role as a mysterious and intoxicating mistress. But gentlemen beware, this serpentine sweetie is just as surreptitious off-screen, and she is dead set on both finding out and exploiting everyone’s juiciest secrets! Character Page

Lot Stark is famous for his big role as an old sea-worn naval captain in a classic film series. He’s shocked to learn that his this fine young American has been taken captive, and he will use his commanding authority to make sure someone spends some time in the brig! Character Page

Adam Clay is a classic country western star who used to round up more movie awards than any of these young bucks could ever reckon. He’s used to riding the range and shoot-outs with wild indians, but after tonight’s fiasco, this old cowboy may never want to leave the ranch again! Character Page

Bethany Cologne is a French actress who plays the unrepentant evil villainess opposite Ransom Packer in his latest movie. However, her vain remarks and incessant demands to be waited on hand and foot are far more unforgiving than her role! Character Page

Joe Jackets is a high profile body guard from New York. Joe is a fast-talking tough guy who likes to speak in third person. Joe demands respect, regardless of how difficult it may be to give after one gets to know him! Character Page

Martha LeBour has a posh and proper personality that puts even Miss Manners to shame! As the event planner tonight, she’s got pristine plans for this A-List crowd, and she doesn’t want anything to smear her reputation, especially another scandal! Character Page

Folly Plum is a theater ticket agent by day and tacky tabloid photographer by night. Folly is a British firecracker snooping to get celebrity snapshots and she’s willing to leave out bad angles too – for the right price that is! Character Page

Please Note: All characters, places, events, and situations appearing in Supper Sleuths games are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, places, events or situations is not intended and is purely coincidental.

The Delicious Recipes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn
Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn
Italian Cheese Popcorn
Hollywood Pizza Squares
Skinny Soft Pretzels and Sweet Mustard Dip
California Cucumber Club Sandwiches
Hollywood Hot Dogs
Cheesy Theatre Nachos
Camden’s Crispy Bacon Chicken Strips
Movie Star Cream Puffs
Chocolate Covered Raisin Cookies
See Detailed Recipes!

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