Bethany Cologne, Welcome to Your Player Page!

The Supper Sleuths formally thank you for gracing us with your much desired presence! The celebrity A-list (including yours, mon cherie) at the upcoming party is going to make for one of the best nights Hollywood has ever seen! Make sure you look as smashing as always, since you never know when paparazzi can spring out from nowhere! Movie stars have so many invites and demands, but you definitely don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime event – your very freedom may depend upon it!

You will play the role of Bethany Cologne

Full Name: Bethany Madeleine Cologne
Favorite Animal: “We all adore ze adorable and fuzz bunny rabbit, non?”
Favorite Vacation Destination: “Ze beautiful fan club I have in Paris is wonderful to visit.”
Favorite Color: “I look magnifique in blue, so it must be blue, non?”
Favorite Food: “French press coffee, food is simply for health, but coffee is guiltless!”
Favorite Song: “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt
You are the playing the role of Bethany Cologne, the famous French actress and lead female villain in Paul Scales’ newest movie! Your character is initially seen as devious but you totally scored fame points when your character found redemption and becomes a world-class hero in the end of the movie. To brag about this, say things to the effect of, “Such a shame we can’t watch the movie on-screen tonight. Paul, is there any way we could show just a teensy clip? You did such a delightful job of letting me shine at the end, I would hate for anyone to miss out on my final scene.”

Costume Suggestions

You have a beautiful accent and feminine persona so make sure you outfit speaks to your not so subtle but doubtlessly heroic character. Wear white from head to toe, telling others that you wanted to represent goodness and truth. Let them know that your wicked character does a complete turnaround in the movie, and that any frightened children should watch the very end to avoid nightmares. You wouldn’t want this movie ruining your reputation or future movies, and this group is a powerful lot!

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One More Thing!

The Supper Sleuths want to give you a special clue to help figure out whodunnit as a token of appreciation for your special visit to our site! Here it is: In this game, a foreign leader may seem suspicious but like most royalty these days, they don’t have any real power. Don’t let their drama or lack thereof throw you off the track. Let the other evidence of the case guide you instead. Also, if you want an extra edge on figuring out whodunnit, visit our Sleuth School page for three quick tips guaranteed to make you a master of mystery in your night of mystery dinner fun!

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