Dave Shepherd

Dress Like A Star!

You should wear something that suggests a macho rock-and-roll persona, with a king of the castle kind of attitude.  This look may include a tight Superman or other t-shirt under a sports coat with rolled up sleeves, a stylish watch, tussled hair, sunglasses, etc.  A little well-groomed stubble wouldn’t hurt either. Because you are also a musician, you might bring a guitar that you randomly bust out with in song.
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Act Like A Star!

Dave, you are a handsome Hollywood actor known to have played lead roles in many great films from a variety of  genres.  You have played the role of king, musician, warrior, poet, hunter, and even shepherd early in your career.  You have been in the spotlight ever since you were specially picked out by a top scout as a young, ruddy-faced young man, and you are still having the time of your life!  You seem to be a success in virtually everything you attempt and thus confidence (some would call it arrogance) is practically oozing from your pores.  You have even branched out into the music scene as lead singer of the band, Throwing Stones, which is currently at the top of the charts.  You have a literature degree from an Ivy League school as well.  The only area you don’t have success is with relationships.  You don’t get along with your brothers, you have had domestic and legal issues with your teenaged children, and your current wife just isn’t what you had in mind when you said “I do” for the third time.  But this doesn’t stop you from trying to use your charm with the ladies!

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