Esther Crowne, Welcome to Your Player Page!

The Supper Sleuths formally thank your royal highness for gracing us with your presence! The celebrity A-list at the upcoming party is going to make your long trip to Hollywood well worth it! Make sure you keep your refined appearance up the whole evening, since you never know when paparazzi can spring out from nowhere, but of course your royal highness is used to that! Below is your invitation, in case you need a reminder. A humanitarian queen like yourself must have so many obligations already, but you definitely don’t want to miss this gathering – your very freedom to go home may depend upon it!

You will play the role of Esther Crowne

Full Name: “Esther Victoria Crowne III.”
Favorite Animal: “The queenly lioness.”
Favorite Vacation Destination: “Hollywood of the US of A, no less!”
Favorite Color: “Royal Blue, of course.”
Favorite Food: “High tea at 5PM which means cucumber sandwiches, scones and tea.”
Favorite Song: ““I’m Just A Girl” by No Doubt describes me so well!”
Esther, you are queen of the country of Terrestria, an icy land in the far northern hemisphere of which few have ever even heard. You are deeply saddened that your beloved country has been implicated in this missing persons case and nervous about what it might mean to your husband, the king. Make it known that you will help bring justice so the two countries can remain loyal allies. You would hate for the relationship to be strained as you have spent much of your wealth and youth rubbing elbows with Hollywood stars in L.A. who you see as some of the most rich and influential people in the world. You also enjoy globetrotting to promote tourism to Terrestria, noteworthy for claiming the largest variety of Yeti species on the planet, and for being a world leader in professional hair braiding. Talk with passion about your newest book, “Braiding Under Fire: Bringing Back the Lost Art of Macramé.”

Costume Suggestions

You are royalty from a faraway land, so you need to look the part.  You have chic cosmopolitan style, while maintaining foreign flavor.  Try applying eye makeup higher or farther out to the sides than you normally would. Use darker blush that highlights your cheekbones.  Wear a hairstyle that elicits control, such as a tight bun or French braid, but with some exotic flair and accessories.  For added effect, you might wear a sheer veil as a sign of respect for your country’s custom and style.  If you have a tiara and fine jewelry, by all means, wear them!  It isn’t often you are the only royal member of a party, so enjoy it to the hilt.  Your dress should be fancy, sleek and elegant.  Don’t be afraid of over-dressing.  Don’t forget your royal status and pride for your country gives you permission to steal the show, literally in this case!

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One More Thing!

The Supper Sleuths want to give you a special clue to help figure out whodunnit as a token of appreciation for your special visit to our site! Here it is: In this game, a foreign leader like yourself may seem suspicious but like most royalty these days, you don’t have any real power. Don’t let your player booklet drama or lack thereof throw you off the track. Let the other evidence of the case guide you instead. Also, if you want an extra edge on figuring out whodunnit, visit our Sleuth School page for three quick tips guaranteed to make you a master of mystery in your night of mystery dinner fun!

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