Eve Appleton

Dress Like A Star!

The Supper Sleuths formally thank you for gracing us with your much desired presence! The celebrity A-list at the upcoming party is going to make for one of the best nights Hollywood has ever seen! Make sure you look smashing, since you never know when paparazzi can spring out from nowhere (but of course you look good even without makeup)! Of course, looking good is that last thing on your mind, what with you chasing the little rugrats around!  As a conservative homeschooling mom, you like to wear long denim or khaki skirts down to the ankle with white tennis shoes and a long-sleeve sweater or patterned turtleneck shirt.  Very little makeup or jewelry, and what you do wear is simple. You carry a huge purse that has everything imaginable that a mom could need “just in case.”
During a break halfway through the game you will shock the others when you change into a camouflage shirt and pants, complete with a fabric black belt, boots, a ponytail and military-like makeup under your eyes. Find the perfect costume!

Act Like A Star!

You are well-known as a once famous Hollywood sweetheart that has settled down into a very conservative, private and respectable family life. Despite a rough past all too common amongst Hollywood stars, you are doing well and you want to keep it this way. You are quite a beautiful woman, but typically don’t like to let it show. You don’t attend many Hollywood parties these days since you had more than your share of wild times as a youth, not to mention your many young children demand so much attention, but you are making an exception for this event to support long-time friend, Paul Scales, whose work as writer and producer you greatly admire and respect. Tonight mommy’s gonna let her long hair down and have some much-needed fun!

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