Johnny Duncan, Welcome to Your Player Page!

The Supper Sleuths formally thank you for gracing us with your natural charm and mystique! Don’t worry, it will be well worth your climb down the tree because the celebrity A-list at the upcoming party is going to make for one of the best nights Hollywood has ever seen! Make sure you look as smashing as always (although we do ask that you take a shower, just this once), since you never know when paparazzi can spring out from nowhere! We know you are a busy man, trying to save the earth and all, but you definitely don’t want to miss this event – your very freedom may depend upon it!

You will play the role of Johnny Duncan

Full Name: “John-Baptiste Duncan.”

Favorite Animal: “Oh, man, I love ‘em all, but the peaceable little squirrels who let me share their trees I’m especially indebted to.”

Favorite Vacation Destination: “I’m on a vacation all day, because life is work and work is play!”

Favorite Color: “All of nature is color, man! How could I pick?”

Favorite Food: “I’m a fruitarian, so anything that has fallen from the tree already.”

Favorite Song: “Birds chirpin’, the sound of water rushin’. There’s music all around, man, we don’t need an iPod to hear it.”

Johnny, you are one granola guy, and you’re totally attractive to Hollywood, since everything and everyone seems to (finally!) be going green these days! Hollywood recently made a reality show about your natural lifestyle, called “The Raw World.” You’re a really down to earth, honest-to-goodness hippie. You typically eat only raw types of foods, sleep under the stars, and thanks to your show’s success and boyish good looks, you are now filthy rich, though you give most of your money away to charity.

Costume Suggestions

Wear sandals and carry a bag of oats or granola that you can munch on throughout the night. Wear a long sheet, or a hemp or otherwise twine or braided shirt to show that you take the natural living mega seriously. Because this night is all about letting loose, enjoy the cuisine and threaten anyone who tries to turn you in for eating movie theater food by coming to their house to do a peaceful sit in on one of their trees until they choose to “go raw or go home!”

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One More Thing!

The Supper Sleuths want to give you a special clue to help figure out whodunnit as a token of appreciation for your special visit to our site! Here it is: In this game, a foreign leader may seem suspicious but like most royalty these days, they don’t have any real power. Don’t let their drama or lack thereof throw you off the track. Let the other evidence of the case guide you instead. Also, if you want an extra edge on figuring out whodunnit, visit our Sleuth School page for three quick tips guaranteed to make you a master of mystery in your night of mystery dinner fun!

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