Maggie Meriwether

Dress Like A Star!

Maggie, as you know, the celebrity A-list at the upcoming party is going to make for one of the best nights Hollywood has ever seen! Make sure you look your best, since you never know when paparazzi can spring out from nowhere! (Of course, you look so good on camera, anyway.) Since you are playing the leading lady, your costume should be comprised of a girly sparkly dress, boa, heels, and bright makeup (spray tan optional). Wear glitter around your eyes and in your hair which is styled with an updo or beautiful partial updo. Wear plenty of glamorous jewelry and don’t forget a fresh manicure.
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Act Like A Star!

Maggie, you are the leading female actress in the movie that is premiering tonight, and your excitement can’t be contained! As any diva in her own right, make a big deal out of compliments, trying to squeeze as much as you can out of each one of them. If you don’t promote your own movie, who will? “Allow” others to get you drinks, hold the door for you, kiss your hand if they are so inclined, and admire your attire. You pride yourself on treating everyone the same, which means you enjoy attention from any and everybody, even if they aren’t famous. Grace and class seem to ooze from your very pores. Be dramatic and sweet, showing love and care throughout the evening to everybody. If someone makes a sad comment, allow it to move you to tears (literally, if possible). Give other women hugs and kisses on both cheeks, and let them know you’d like to have them over sometime for a warm cup of tea and a conversation when this is all behind you, which you hope will be soon. When you hear that Ransom Packer is missing, share stories that tell of your friendship (you were just friends) and how truly sorry you are. Offer to help Rebecca Welling, his wife, in any way you can, patiently ignoring her jealousy. Show everyone that you care more about Ransom’s safety than any movie or stardom.

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