Paul Scales

Dress Like A Star!

Paul Scales, The Supper Sleuths formally thank you for gracing us with your prestigious presence! The celebrity A-list (whom you’ve helped to create) at the upcoming party is going to make for one of the best nights Hollywood has ever seen! Make sure you look smashing as always, since you never know when paparazzi can spring out from nowhere (but of course you look good even without trying)! Of course, looking good is that last thing on your mind, what with you trying to plug your most fabulous film yet!  Paul, you should look like a Hollywood director/producer tonight with the traditional suede or corduroy jacket, jeans, glasses, a beret or tight baseball cap with a bent brim, and maybe a director’s cone megaphone.  You can bring a script with you, or a notepad with pen in case you get a new movie idea.  If someone makes an interesting suggestion about how the abduction took place, pretend to write it down furiously, letting the group know you are getting some really great movie ideas from them.
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Act Like A Star!

You are the famed Hollywood director, producer and screenwriter, Paul Scales.  You are the mastermind behind this Hollywood blockbuster and don’t want anything to ruin it.  You have huge expectations for your film’s success, and have poured millions of dollars into it.  You have invited only the hottest stars, Hollywood’s most powerful attorney, and everyone else with the critical connections you need.  Even though your movie’s star is missing, spend time pacing the room, convincing the group to try to let you roll the film to hear reviews.  A major line you should repeat when there is an occasional lull is, “C’mon, lights, camera, action, baby!” while you rub your hands together, hoping someone will agree to turn on the show.  Since you have so many big names and faces in the room together, make connections and/or hand out fake business cards all over the room, working your money magic to smooth over any potential conflicts.

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