Rebecca Welling

Dress Like A Star!

The Supper Sleuths formally thank you for gracing us with your much desired presence! The celebrity A-list at the upcoming party (including you, love!) is going to make for one of the best nights Hollywood has ever seen! Make sure you look as smashing as always, since you never know when paparazzi can spring out from nowhere (but of course you looked good even before plastic surgery!) Rebecca, as the wife of the hottest star in Hollywood, and a huge star in your own right, you are positively glamorous.  As such, feel free to get decked out!  In addition to a fancy dress, you should wear a feather boa, dress gloves and big flashy jewelry. If anyone asks you why you prefer such large baubles, tell them, “Big stars needs big diamonds!” Talk about how large jewelry is a measure of status and style. Of course, this character wears enough makeup for three people. Consider bringing a fancy purse, big sunglasses, a hand mirror, and a little fluffy fake dog if you have one you can fawn over to secure a positively posh look.  TAKE NOTE: it is important that you bring a perfume bottle as a prop to use in the game!
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Act Like A Star!

Famed Hollywood starlet Rebecca Welling, you are at the pinnacle of your career and at practically every high-tail Hollywood event. You know everyone who’s anyone, and you pride yourself on coming from a long line of big names in Tinsel Town. You also know the unwritten rules and tips of living like the rich and famous, such as “Always keep the nanny, maid, and plastic surgeon on speed dial.” Your husband, Ransom I. Packer, is the leading actor in the premier movie tonight, and you want to soak up as much attention as you can get for it. You are very proud of staying married for all of seven years, practically an eternity in this town.  You are furious at the fact that he stars in this movie opposite a gorgeous actress (who is present tonight), who got the role instead of you.  Although you insist on being treated as a darling diva, bring some bubble gum and chew it obnoxiously all night long.  You speak like the classic “Valley Girl.” You bore easily, and gum helps you to keep from smoking, which was starting to ruin your beautiful skin, your best moneymaker.

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