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Crack the Case in Three Easy Steps!!

Get your Master’s of Mystery from the Supper Sleuths! These three quick tips will give you the cutting edge as you play mystery dinner party games with your friends and family!

  1. Look for the motive in each suspect, especially one that is hidden or not obvious.  In other words, any murder mystery dinner game worth its salt will probably not be pointing directly at the one who did the crime.   However, most respectable murder mystery dinner games have at least one foil character, someone the evidence directly points at, to throw a few of the less thoughtful guests off the trail. Remember, the answer of whodunnit? can’t be that obvious or the game would be over in five minutes.   Think carefully about who may have a hidden agenda and keep your eye on those suspects foremost.
  2. Look for who has the means, or ability to carry out the job.  Use any shared clues to help you narrow down the list of suspects, by exploring who was nearest to the victim, who could have timed it up just right, or who was strong enough, intelligent enough, and let’s face it, who was crazy enough to carry out the plans!
  3. Look at the evidence, or body of facts surrounding the case.  Every good murder mystery game gives at least one piece of Crime Scene evidence that points to the guilty one.  Supper Sleuths Mystery Dinner Party Games offer a quality Crime Scene Evidence Report for the players to mull over throughout the course of each game.  But don’t jump to conclusions too quickly.  After all, it’s a mystery dinner game you’re playing.  If there were no mystery involved, you wouldn’t have been asked to help solve it!  Besides, if you’re playing a Supper Sleuths Mystery Dinner game, there’s delicious food to be eaten, fun bonus rounds to earn clues, costumes and fake accents to laugh at, and a hilarious script to follow or ad-lib from, which all create a memorable night of fun you will be talking about for years!




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